single slot 750 ti, heatsink size question

i found myself a mini-itx case that can just barely fit the width and height of a nvidia 750 ti, however it only supports 1 slot (and the factory coolers are two slots deep)

this article is what im trying to replicate:,3761-2.html#topcomments_3761

the problem is, the only person that is selling the correct cooler:

is NOT including the heatsink

would a simple comb-like heatsink work if i pasted it onto a 750 ti?

i imagine there is about 14 mm of space and i have no idea what the width is, here's a direct-buyer parts list, but other than that i have no idea the exact dimensions i need, i also have little experience in heatsinks-on-chips other than the cpu kind of heatsinks[min]=0&height[max]=15&width[min]=0&width[max]=50
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  1. I don't see much luck getting this to work.

    You need a heatsink that can be mounted to the GPU, and also can connect to your fan unit. I didn't see any hopeful models.

    Perhaps you can mount the fan unit somehow without attaching to the radiator directly. If so, you want the radiator that will mount, and fit in the space left, that also has the highest cooling potential.
  2. Is the fan header on the card 2 or 4 pin?
  3. ok obviously i need to go heatsink-first

    there is a firepro V4900 heatsink+fan, there's no real information on the web whether or not these are interchangable

    edit to cball, its 2-pin

    if i am to get a comb-shaped heatsink, this would be it
    the thermal specs dont sound good, 160C with only 10 watts
  4. What is the measurment (in mm) of the diagonal for the mounting holes. If you could get that, we could find a proper size HSF assembly thats low-profile.
  5. this is speculation before the purchase, i do not have the diagonal measurements of the holes, only that the firepro V3900 and gtx750 ti (and most likely every other gtx 700 card) have the same mounting holes.

    30 minutes of searching and i can not find the diagonal length!
  6. Well, from the guide at Tom's, you are gonna have to bore the holes bigger for the firepro cooler to fit. Take a look about 1/3 of the way down this forum page and they state that a reference cooler from the GT 6600 will fit on a 750 Ti. You should look into this before messing with the mounting holes. Just a suggestion.

    I have seen several 6600 HSF assemblies on Ebay.
  7. i was on that post earlier, page 2 is much more interesting than page 1

    something tells me the power is going to drop some %10 with that little thing, either way, looks like a nice(r) shot than what i was attempting

    theres the post at the end which goes to pcgamer about a galaxy 750 ti razor which looks like a 1 slot card, hard to tell if thats a real thing or not.

    the last thing to do is to make sure that the card im getting is not a wierd 4-pin redistribute. im getting the asus one considering its 5 dollers from the cheepest and there is a miniscule chance that the extra few mm of the cooler could fit into the case.
    it is impossible to find data on these sorts of things!
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    Yeah, it's real. Here is a legit write up from on the card. I don't think that it has been introduced to the market yet.

    The total measured power dissipation from a firepro 3900 was less than 50W which is about the same as a 6600 (~46W). So the cooling potential is about the same for each HSF assembly.
  9. thanks, im going to chance it with the 6600 since i dont have time to wait for a card thats probably not releasing for another 2-3 months, and it might be more expensive than cheep 750 ti + fansink anyways
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