Need a new wireless adapter for gaming pc.

Hello, I recently scrapped an old hp that had some nice parts and bought some new ones as well and built a computer. The hp had a wireless adapter inside, which was fine for me. Unfortunately it is PCI-E mini and my new mobo has no slots for it .My room is upstairs over 100 feet from my router. My question is wether to get a USB or PCI-E wireless adapter, and which one to get specifically. Here is the old card.

As long as it is the equivalent to this or better I don't really care for connection. Although if there is something I could get that would have a great connection please tell me. I would like to spend no more than 40 dollars. Any help would be appreciated. :D
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    Get a PCI-E card, usb adapters have much lesser range and power, plus they're going to take up more space (at least one that has any kind of power will) and a usb port. Use something like this:

    I use this one and it works extremely well (no dropped connections and great range) while being very affordable.
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