Overheating Asus eee pc 1015PN

Situation: I bought eee pc 1015PN 2nd hand from a local website and sellers dont accept refund. After windows 7 loading, I notice my
notebook body is very hot to touch then i install speed fan to measure details. It shows that My graphics card temp is around 70°c core 1 and 2 temp is 68°c in idle situation
within 10 min its goes up to 80 all around again in idle, In SPEED FAN software does not shows any information about my Fan spinning speed which is not normal,

I tried in safe mode windows 7 idle its goes up to 80°C in 20 min

I assume my fan is wokring well cause its blow lots of hot air from inside
and spinning very fast

What I have done: I opened it and clean fan very well, replace thermal paste and clean install windows 7 ultimate.

After clean and replace thermal paste, difference of temperatere is very little sitll i having same problem
AND my bios do not have option to control fan speed or see fan speed

Sorry about My English
Please help me out thank you
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  1. When you cleaned out the fan you ensure the small heatsink that it blows air into is not clogged with years of dust right?

    Not all fans show up in speedfan(notebooks/netbooks have much different configs from desktops.). My old notbook shows not show fan speeds in any software.

    I can see the 80c in safemode because chances are the power management is off in those instances.

    The only thing I can think of is dust buildup in the heatsink fins preventing much of the air from flowing.
  2. Lets go with a couple things you might consider.

    I've used one of these machines (1015pn ion2) for about 3.5 years and stripped one down and put it back together today.
    1st) This computer has 2 video cards. Find the Asus Software that allows you to switch out of the nvidia video processor.(Asus Graphics Switch and SuperHybridEngine)

    2nd) Install the apps and switch to Intel video card instead for now.. If this has never been done before of course you are gonna need to find some drivers.. It's pretty standard stuff; intel gma something or other. Win 7 should pick it up in no time.

    3rd) Open super hybrid engine and change the settings to battery saving mode.. This will set the processor to scale instead of sticking full out; it will still ramp up if needed.

    4th) Stop using Windows 7 Ultimate... I would look up lite editions of windows u already have. Ie if you have a copy of win xp pro laying around you might consider finding a "Lite" Installation of windows XP or better yet research it.. you can take your own copies and strip things out that are un-needed. This is an atom dual core processor. About 1/2 the speed of the avg core duo. The video card is honestly better than the processor. So stick to a light light weight version of an os.. There is a copy of Xp pro out there that is 272 mb package. Drivers are going to be a pain in the backside since the system shipped with windows 7 Starter.. The video card you can get on the nvidia website.. While the other drivers are found on pages of slightly earlier systems with the same parts that were packaged with windows xp. Found in asus support on very similar systems that are just slightly older.

    5th) This video card inside of the system is an Nvidia Ion 2 and does a fairly good job with some fairly graphic intensive games (at lowest settings). If you are trying to use this system for utility and not gaming then you should have no problem with the intel video card. It should play some decent resolution movies on youtube in 720p.

    6th) Find a fan replacement and drop it in, its only 3 screws to get that fan out.. a new non dirty one will make a huge difference as well as a coolermaster **Plastic** cooler. The Wifi is on the bottom of the system. After getting myself a nice metal shield coolermaster i watched my wifi bars drop to "low" 25 feet from my router...

    6th) if you pulled the system apart, keep in mind the pieces of foam that were placed around the board.. some of them are to channel heat properly, if you dont get that keyboard in super tight or u took the cheesy foam pads off the chips and replaced with thermal paste then you could of inherently caused it to heat as well..

    7) if you do all that you should be able to go back into the nvidia video card which i use to play games like Ageofwushu its a small mmo with great graphics. The system runs it almost good enough to make it bearable. (on lowest settings)... 2006 and below games for the most part.
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