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Acer Aspire X3300 BIOS Trashed - Please Help!

Last response: in Motherboards
June 4, 2014 11:35:45 PM


I've managed to trash the BIOS in an Acer Aspire X3300 pc.

The system just starts up now with a fast fan, no screen start and no beeps.

I've tried taking the battery out for a while and changing the cmos jumper to reset.

I managed to get hold of the motherboard documentation and it has a paragraph that says:

BIOS Recovery
AMIBIOS8 supports a "recovery flash" mode, which can be used to flash update a BIOS from the boot block.
This is used to update a BIOS image without the need to boot to an operating system. The following is the
process that user should follow to flash BIOS ROM.
1. Prepare a Disk on Key (DOK) and keep it ready in hand.
(1). Connect the USB storage device to a USB port on your computer.
(2). Save the AMIBoot.ROM to the USB storage device.
(3). After saving the file, unplug the USB storage device.
2. Connect the USB storage device containing the DOK to a USB port on the system.
3. Press the power button to boot the system, then press Ctrl + Home.
The system initializes the BIOS recovery process. The failed BIOS code will be restored from the DOK.
4. Once the process is completed, the system will restart.

Firslty, I don't know how to make a Disk on Key (DOK) .

I've got the BIOS files, but the ROM file is called P01-B3.ROM

Could anyone help,



a b V Motherboard
June 5, 2014 4:04:44 AM

Just fallow these simple instructions and have a usb drive without anything on it handy and do this you will need access to another computer, but after you fallow those instructions just put your bios download onto the drive after you fallow those steps
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