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my cpu AMD FX8150 has been running fine for over a year. recently i was cutting off a very small usless peice of cpu heat sink (not the cpu) in order to fit another fan in my case. just so we are clear the cpu fan and cpu are fine, i just took off a very small peice off a very large cpu heat sink. now my cpu is over heating and shutting off my comuter within 30 secs of boot. before this the cpu was running 40c with nps. now its very hot to the touch a few seconds of boot. i redid the thermal paste and cleaned everything still no luck. please dont say clean this or that, this is not a matter of a bit of dust, but i have no idea what it could be
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  1. Is this the stock heat sink you've modified or an aftermarket one? Which way is the new fan blowing, toward or away from CPU?
  2. aftermarket cpu and a very large and good one. the fan is blowing towards. this set up was perfectly fine before hand, i cant see how a very simple modification could have such a massive impacted. the only thing i can think of is a some how broke the the mobo while doing this
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    You didn't modify/cut into the heatpipe(s) I hope (the copper tubes)?
  4. haha yes i did, i just went to a computer store and they showed me how stupid i am. for anyone with the same problem, the copper pipes are not just filled with air but with liquid or some type of compressed gas (mine was gas). if you cut these pipe the heat sink is useless, as it pulls hardly any heat from the cpu with just air are copper pipes. well you live and learn. btw thanks c12friedman
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