does windows vista run as well as windows xp

im curious if vista is worth trying because i really like how well windows xp runs on my computer but i lke the look of win 7 but unfortunately when i run win 7 it constantly says "not responding" and freezes momentarily. I was hoping vista has the look of 7 and the operating system of xp.
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  1. No, not at all. Windows 7 corrects all the things that was wrong with Vista.

    What's wrong exactly with your Windows 7 installation. If you can fix the problems then you'll be much better off than switching to Vista.
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    Vista SP2 is almost identical to Windows 7 and stepping back to XP is not recommended.

    You don't list your system specs, so it could be down to lack of performance.
  3. Thanks for the assistance guys I recently just got another PC up and running, hence the time gap between replies. But in regards to my question above Im actually sticking with the windows seven and I did some other digging and found that high temps and certain other things can cause system hang ups and freezes. I pretty well got it taken care of now with ram upgrade and cooling system upgrade.
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