Gigabyte GA - M68MT-S2 Motherboard supports high quality 2gb ddr5 graphic card

my mother model is Gigabyte GA - M68MT-S2

will it support asus r7 260x 2gb ddr5

i am using corsair v550 watt smps

will motherboard create any problem for graphic card

does my motherboard supports 2gb ddr5 graphic cards?
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    Yes your motherboard is more than capable of supporting that graphics card altho that graphics card is pci-e 3 it is backwards compatible with your motherboard and you will see next too know decrease in quality using it in your motheboard to another newer motherboard so you have no worries enjoy your new card :)
  2. ok thanks

    actually i will not play any games, but i will work on 3d software like maya and compositing software like nuke, after effects
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