How to change A8-5600K video memory?

My friend uses an APU and he wants to increase his APU's video memory

His PC:
CPU - AMD A8-5600K
Mobo - F2A55M-DS2 (rev 3.0)
RAM - 4GB 1600MHz
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    The share of the system memory dedicated to the GPU can be changed within the BIOS.
    On his particular motherboard this option would be located at:

    BIOS => Peripherals => GFX Configuration => UMA Frame Buffer Size

    He can force several options from 256MiB to 2GiB, or leave it at auto.
    With only a total of 4GiB available, I would not recommend setting it to more than 1GiB.
  2. I would leave the UMA frame buffer on auto, as the driver will allocate ram as and when needed.
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