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  1. Yeah, they're all good to go, but, they're overkill for Fifa and for Ha**** . Although the 610 can be changed for something much much better.... it's not a very strong card.
  2. Hi Nived Gumpena
    Great choice of motherboard
    CPU is fine
    610 is a extremely low end card and not good for gaming
    perhaps a 750TI would be better
  3. can you people help me in choosing a suitable psu for the following items
    and mickey pheonix I don't play much games at all
    fifa is the only one mostly
  4. Best answer
    then you will be fine
    GeForce GT 610 requires a psu with 16A on the +12v rail and a 300W PSU minimum
    i would choose a 400w or there abouts for a psu for a little headroom from
    seasonic/xfx ( also made by seasonic ) or any PSU from the corsair TX , HX ,AX range of PSUs
    for your setup i would recommend ,
  5. Thanks (:
  6. you are most welcome , hope it all goes well for you , all the best
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