Sandy bridge I5 2500 ( non K)

Hello, i was wondering if im crazy.... my processor ( Without OC) is getting 80°c when is IDLE

I didn't try to play because IDLE it reach 100°C and turn off by itself

I dont know what to do now :??:

Stock Intel Fan with Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Compound.... I5 2500 (non K)

Any help?

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  1. I would make sure the CPU cooler is on right and fully locked down. If that doesn't work than I would clean off the old thermal paste and re-apply.
  2. I'd start by cleaning my CPU from the old thermal paste and replacing it with newer one. Do you consider that your case provides enough air flow from bottom front to top back?
  3. Bad thermal paste application, or more likely that the cooler is not fitted correct (which is easily done with the stock intel cooler), can be a little tricky sometimes to get all the push pins locked in tight.
  4. I cleaned my CPU and Fan

    Reaplied Thermal compund

    and the Fan it was a little difficult because it wasnt fitted as well.. but i get the trick

    Now it says 80C but Drop to 60 and 65 C
  5. Did you manually increase the voltage input? 1.344v for a 3.6Ghz clock speed seems a little bit high. reducing the voltage to 1.25 ~ 1.29 will reduce core temperature.

    Try using another monitoring software like HWmonitor or MSI Afterburner.
  6. Still too high really. How is your case airflow?

    Does the cpu cooler feel totally locked in place? there should be no movement in it at all.
  7. I'm not sure what the stock fan can do, but that still sounds high. Use TIM the width of a piece of paper and make sure all four push pins are locked down/in.
  8. William i didnt touch it ( i'll check if voltage is at 1.334)

    Rob im using it without a case is on the MB box

  9. This is The confiiguration
  10. Is that 1.4v on the CPU? No wonder its hot, can you set it back to auto? Or try reducing it to 1.3v
  11. yes is 1.4v

    and let me try

    EDIT..... Now is set at 1.3V

  12. OK so save and reboot and see what the temps are
  13. Considering
    At 1.4V-------------IDLE 80-95°C

    At 1.3V IDLE 57-70°C

    What happend if i put the voltage on 1.2V or 1.1 V?
  14. Much better clearly, but still sounds to me that your cooler isnt making a good contact.
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    Julio Tavera said:
    At 1.4V-------------IDLE 80-95°C

    At 1.3V IDLE 57-70°C

    What happend if i put the voltage on 1.2V or 1.1 V?

    1.2 it might be fine, but you would need to test stability, but anyway it should be lower.

    Have a look on the underside of the board, check all the plastic clips are through the holes correctly and that the black push pins are locking them in place.
  16. lower the voltage, lower the temp. BUT at some point, your system might get unstable. This is why you need to fine the sweet spot between core speed, heat and stability. 1.25 is some sort of reference to many CPU's. This is why I told you to set it around that number in my previous post.

    Can you send us some pictures of your cooler set up?
  17. Cooler set up from upside or downside?
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