Haswell refresh for xeons?

I am going to build a rig with a xeon. The plan was grabbing the 1230v3, but i have heard that the haswell refresh also covers xeons. What is the refresh equivalent of the 1230v3?
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    This; E3 1231 v3
    The difference is that it has just 100 MHz more, and a supposed improvement of the thermal interface material & some extra capacitors to better handle the heat.
    Anyway choose the cheapest between the two.
  2. Will the price on the refresh drop, or will it always be that expensive? I will be waiting until december anyway.
  3. AFAIK, Xeon refreshes have not been officially announced yet. Leaked model numbers end with either 1 or 6.

    With the "biggest" difference being 100MHz faster clocks, waiting for Refresh CPUs is not particularly exciting... and not worth the likely higher cost if the difference between the two chips is more than 3%.
  4. The Intel prices almost never drops, but often you can find discounts from the shops. (when you decide to buy just look around for the cheaper price).


    Ofc there is literally no difference in performance, just in benchmarks.
  5. I am not waiting for the refresh. I am waiting for my whole build, until around start december/late november.

    The thing i was thinking is nice about the new refresh, is the TIM. I know i cant overclock xeons, but the possibilities of low noise coolers(heck maybe the stock cooler is quiet on the refresh) is just so nice.
  6. Believe me a nice aftermarket cooler is always better than the Intel heatsink,
    if I remember correctly, you like a "quiet pc" then no matter what, just pick a good (cheap) & silent aftermarket cooler.
  7. not a huge fan of tower heatsinks, but i think it will do it with a 212evo :) Thanks for the help
  8. You can also find a smaller one, like the Hyper TX3 and such.
    Anyway, you have several months to decide :)
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