Will i be able to play BF4,Watch Dogs and upcoming 2014 games on ultra or high settings?

Hey there everyone! I was just wondering whether I would be able to play games such as BF4, Watch Dogs and other upcoming games in 2014 on high/ultra settings.

Here are the specs of my rig:
CPU: Intel 4th Generation i5-4670k @4.0 Ghz
MOBO: MSI Z87-GD65 Gaming
CPU Cooler: Thermaltakw Water 3.0 Pro Liquid Cooler
GPU: 2x ASUS GTX660Ti TOP Edition in SLI
PSU: Corsair AX860i PSU
Storage: 2x 1TB WD Black
Case: CM Storm Stryker

Thank you all for your solutions!!
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    Yes you should be fine and if the FPS is to low for you you can turn or MSAA.
  2. Keep in mind that watch dogs is PLAGUED by bugs right now. Even high end systems can't keep up with it because of the poor coding. But that's not to say that your system cant. For battle field you should be able to. For watch dogs my best recommmendation is to run with low or without any anti-aliasing and to turn down the GPU frame buffering to 1. Also the game runs fine at medium settings with texture detail turned up to high. Give it a whirl. it worked for me, and I'm running an R7 260x.
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