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I believe the graphics card is 5700 I cant remember since its been so long since i have had a proper look or been on my PC.

The problem is i turned it on after moving house and it didnt recognise the graphcs card and only ran on the on board graphcs card, I took the graphics card and out and put it back in and then it worked fine for a few days until i completely shut my PC down again.

The same has happened again, i went to turn my PC on and it doesn't recognise the graphics card is actually there.

When i try and get onto the bios when booting my PC up, for some reason the bios decides it wants to run off the graphics card and not the on board one, and this results in my not been able to see into the bios to see if the problem is that the PC is wanting to boot just off the on board graphics card.

I also havent looked for any new driver updates which i plan to do in the near future, but i am just wondering if anyone has had any similar problems with AMD graphics cards, and if so how you managed to fix this problem.

I do plan on buying a new graphics card if i can find one reasonably cheap which is decent, but until then i want to fix this problem.

Hope someone out there can help :)
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    Please provide your complete system specifications.
    Since it worked before your move, that suggests something may have loosened. Recheck all your connections, especially the power cables to the motherboard and to your graphics card.
    While you're in there, check on the card and on your motherboard for any leaking, cracked, or swollen capacitors.
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