best gaming pc under 900 dollars?

is their anything that is overkill in the build?
anything i should change?
i am thinking about the corsair 230t case, what do you think?

let me know!
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  1. 30$ over but a hell of alot better for gaming
  2. isnt there a cheaper motherboard?
  3. you dont really want a cheap mother bored due to crashing on you if you need i can make some changes so it goes under 900

  4. Gigabyte GA-970A-UD3P with an FX-6300
    : $195 before $10 rebate

    Pocket the cash, buy an SSD, or find an R9 290 for $370.
  5. This will be my comment. Are you looking to stream or just play games? If you are streaming, then the 8350 would be overall better than the i5. What I would change thought is drop the processor to an 8320(if streaming), then pick up a 280 or a 280x. If streaming isn't your thing then go with what marcello suggested.
  6. like what changes? it depends
  7. Also, i dont know if it matters but i plan on gaming on 1 monitor 1080p
  8. the gtx 770/760 sc is good,right?
  9. for your budget no pic a solution
  10. marcello727 said:
    for your budget no pic a solution

    chiel m9, no needes to hurries
  11. Here is another solution for you. If you already have windows I'll link you another one

    (With windows)

    (Without windows)
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    Your best purchase is an SSD. Bar none. 240GB SSDs have dropped to near $100 ! 120GB at $60-$70. With Win8 you will be booting in less than 10 seconds, and it simply takes 'snappy' to a whole new level as far as opening apps and general navigation.

    I've got a GA-990FXA-UD3. It's a great board, but unless you need x16/x16 or dual-eSATA it's over-kill. The GA-970A-UD3P will work just dandy with a single discreet card, and the electricals are the same as the GA-990FXA-UD3. The -UD5s & -UD7s upgrade to more fancy electricals.

    The FX-8320 is a great bargain at $140 -- otherwise, the FX-6300 around $110 is the ticket.

    In a gaming build, it's your video card. The R9 290 is simply killer at it's current price point --- the R9 280X, too.
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