Broken External Hard Drive HELP!!

I have a Western Digital hard drive, and for the past couple of years, it has been absolutely fine, but yesterday the hard drive just stopped working. I get an error message everytime a plug it in, and will not work at all. I have tried it on different computers in my house, and used different us cables. I am far from a tech genius so if you could help me, please use simple terms. Also, the code for the hard drive is WD1200XMS-00. Thankyou in advance.
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  1. It may just be dead. Doe it make any sound? Does is spin up?
  2. What's the error message when you plug it in?
  3. Since that you already tried it on different computers, I would open up the case and take it out the plastic case that it is in to access the drive.
    Doing that will allow you to hook up the drive to an internal SATA port to test to see if it works still.

    If it still works, you can buy another external enclosure for the hard drive for $20 or so, or leave it in the computer as an internal drive.
  4. When I plug it in, the hard drive makes a noise inside the a light comes on. The error message pops up about 5-10 seconds later which says 'USB Device Not Recognised'. Finally, what is a SATA port and where are these?
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    Hard drives and CD/DVD rom drives have connectors on them that allow you to connect them to your computer's motherboard. SATA is a technology but it is also used to describe the type of connector for the device. A SATA hard drive needs a SATA cable to connect it to the motherboard and to the device itself.

    If you open up the hard drive enclosure and remove it from the enclosure, it should have
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