Cloning Windows 7 from a HDD to an SSD, Windows loading screen reverts to Vista

Hello all,

I have recently cloned my Windows 7 (fresh install not upgraded from Vista) from my 1TB WD Black HDD to my Kingston Hyper-X 240GB SSD and on boot the default Windows loading screen has reverted to the Vista loading screen. I have done some googling and tried what I could find but nothing would work. I booted off my old drive and the Windows loading screen was the correct one so I re-cloned it thinking maybe it was just a bad clone, but nope the issue is still there.

Things I have tried:

bcdedit /set {current} locale en-US
bcdboot %WinDir% /l en-US
Windows 7 Boot Updater - Set back to default loader
Re-cloned the drive from the original HDD
Booted up with the original HDD disconnected
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  1. I do not think it is even possible for a clone to turn one version of Windows to another.

    Did you by any chance have Vista on the SSD at some point.

    Check disk management. You should have partitions in most cases. One will be called System Reserved and one that is your Windows drive. You need BOTH of these on most systems.

    Make sure the SSD has NO data before cloning.

    You can try Reflect from Macrium to perform the clone.

    Again, I do not think enough of Vista is left in Windows 7 to make a failed clone revert. It would be kind of like XP turning into Windows 2000.

    After any clone you have to try to boot with the hard drive out to ensure proper operation. You may also need to adjust the boot loader when you clone it(it needs to know the location of Windows on the SSD).
  2. change drive order via motherboard BIOS. Make SSD first.
  3. I think there may have been a misunderstanding, the clone didn't revert anything, only the loading screen is reverted to the the Vista loading screen, the OS itself is still Windows 7.

    I believe the boot order is correct but I will double check it when I am home tonight.

    Also I have tried booting off the SSD with the original HDD disconnected entirely so the only drives connected were my new SSD and my 2TB data drive.
  4. Did you take the system reserved partition.

    I installed a Windows 8 preview and it replaced my Windows 7 boot loader with the Windows 8 one. I never even bothered to fix it. It works :)
  5. Oh ok. bootres.dll got overwritten possibly... here is 3rd party software website...
  6. nukemaster said:
    Did you take the system reserved partition.

    I installed a Windows 8 preview and it replaced my Windows 7 boot loader with the Windows 8 one. I never even bothered to fix it. It works :)

    I believe so, I used Acronis and did a complete clone and brought over both partitions.

    That is the software that I found and used, the Windows 7 Boot Uploader, it says that it completed in changing the boot loader but the loader is still the Vista one on boot.

    I can't remember what the exact error was but when I ran the command (bcdboot %WinDir% /l en-US) it gave an error, something about failing to move the file or access the file. I will run the command tonight and update my post.

    As far as I can tell it's not causing any actual problems, it's just annoying.
  7. I did this 2 times successfully and I didn't even have to mess with BIOS. My system has a drive bay 1 and a drive bay 2. I had the HD in drive bay 1 and used a USB external drive case and Acronis True Image software. Once the drive was cloned I moved the HD to the second bay and the cloned drive to bay 1 and it booted up more then twice as fast. The I did it again when I purchased a larger SSD but went from SSD to SSD. Then My HD was filling and I cloned the 750 GB to 1 TB HD and place the 1 TB in bay 2. I had no problems doing any of them.

    It made the SSD drive C and the restore partitian is D. The HD it made E. The optical drive is F. I have an external drive that is G.
  8. I don't have an answer for this, but I have the same problem when installing Win 7 to my SSD after connecting a new GPU. Some program same SSD and HDD just the vista load window.
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