MoBo for 130euros (MSI Z87-G45 GAMING price range)

I need motherboard for my new build, i went with i5 4670k + gtx 780 and i have 130euros left. I saw some reviews and it looks like msi z87-g45 is great for fast and stable overclocking. Is there any better motherboard for that price? I saw in shop there are some even with z97 chip for the same price, like ASUS Z97-A, Gigabyte GA-Z97MX-Gaming 5.
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    I'd look at the Asus Z97-A, great mobo, built one with a 4670K last week, OCed easily to 4.7 and runs cool even with a 290 in it....handles DRAM very well, client went with 2133/9 Snipers (16GB) but tested it with up through 2666 sticks and no problems
  2. @Tradesman1
    I miscalculated a little bit. Can i go with something cheaper, something that lack feature that i probably won't use but has same quality and performance. For example ASUS Z97-K what is the difference between this two?
  3. Here's their comparison chart

    other that ports and that type thing, the K isn't quite as good as an OCer
  4. Thank you very much, i will go with Asus Z97-A
  5. Drop a line how you like it ;)
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