Want to sell my PC, how much is it worth?

I want to build a new PC and to be able to pay for it I planned on selling my old one.

Here are the specs:

CPU: Intel Core i5 2320
Motherboard: unknown
GPU: Nvidia Geforce GTX 550 Ti
RAM: 8GB Samsung RAM
OS: Windows 7 Home Premium
PSU: unknown
Case: this Medion Case

How much can I get out of this System?

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  1. idk, maybe $500
  2. Is this a prebuilt? You should be able to see a model on the PSU

    Use Speccy to find your Motherboard model

    I agree that your PC isn't so bad, depending what games you want to play it may be perfectly viable with a good GPU upgrade. Until knowing the motherboard or PSU can't say for certain. It also depends on what the budget is for your new computer.

    When someone is buying used, they are buying without warranty, without knowing how long you've had it and without knowing the condition of the parts. I would say if you got $300 for it to be happy.
  3. 200-250 would be ballpark figure for the sytem
  4. I have all the information on my new computer in this thread.

    I want to do a new built instead of upgrading, because the one I'm trying to sell is a prebuilt and I'm not really happy with it.
    The BIOS is highly restricted (no overclocking) and I tried upgrading RAM once and it wouldnt take any other RAM than the exact same model that was installed, except with a higher capacity.

    I can't access the PC right now, so I can't find out Motherboard or PSU.

  5. Well, hard to say. If you can't think of any use for it then sell it I guess. There are many uses for an old computer though which might be worth looking into,2817,2454183,00.asp

    I can say from my experience, it would have been nice on my first build to have spare components to check which parts were DOA (like my CX PSU :( )
  6. Oh trust me I would love to keep this PC. I know tons of cool things I could do with an old computer.
    I need the money though.

    So you can't tell me how much I can get out of it?
    I was just asking, because I don't want to sell it for an unreasonable price.
    My hope was to get about 450-500 out of it, but I see now that that's not gonna happen.
    Maybe 350-400?

    Thanks for any advice

    Edit: Oh I forgot to mention there is a 1TB HDD with it also.
  7. Best answer
    Well like I said in my first reply, the person buying your PC is the one taking all the risk because for them there are many unknowns. People buy used to get a deal, quality comes second. (it's stupid but true)

    If your RAM is 1600 ddr3 then it's $40 and your 1TB HDD is $40. Your GPU/CPU might be worth $100 together. This is why we've all been saying between $200-300. It will depend what your case looks like to if it's all scratched/dirty when people try to buy it they will want less.

    However, if you "brand" your computer, you can get more for it. I was recently trying to sell an old 2006 MacBook Pro for my mom that had been gathering dust. I checked ebay to see what others were selling for and all were about $200-300. Then, I saw this one...this guy had a full page of info with stats/info and really made thing look impressive, even though it wasn't. He didn't lie/exaggerate about anything, but he just provided the info that people wanted that made them feel like this computer was good for them. He sold it for $650.

    I think if you can find out what your computer is still capable of and post stats like "can play BF4 at high settings!" then people would be more likely to pay more for it. Have a few of the major played games in your description.

    Another thing is that people really like having windows installed already. This doesn't mean you activate it for them, but just use Dban on your HDD then reinstall with your Win7 CD so when they turn on their PC they have all the basic drivers set up and major updates done so all they have to do is activate it. This is up to you, but it is a nice selling feature.

    Last is to include everything you can with the computer. All the driver CDs, manuals and a cheap keyboard/mouse if you have it, just so they have options.

    I think you could add an extra $100-200 on this way.
  8. Man your are awesome.

    Thanks for all the tips!

    I'll definitely do some more research and run some game benchmarks with it. The PC has been sitting under my desk the whole time. It should look pretty nice after undusting it. ;)
    I'm not sure, but I think there might be even a fancy name for that thing, something like Medion Akoya or so.

    I was planning on getting a new 1TB HDD and putting a fresh Windows 7 on there and using the old one with all my stuff on it for the new PC. I'm just not sure if that's gonna work with activating it.

    Thanks again
  9. Well I'm not as knowledgeable when it comes to the software bit, but I think when you buy a windows7 CD and install it on a computer, it's locked to that motherboard.

    Since you basically just reformatting, I'm wondering if you could find the product key and write it down and then upon reinstalling windows 7 just enter that product key in again if it would be activated. Not 100% certain on that but do some research on it. It sounds like a very corporate thing to do which is lock one product key to a computer somehow.
    Here is a video about a program that locates your product key.

    Edit: This is all not important if your product key is on the side of your computer like most prebuilts though....forgot it was a prebuilt :lol:
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