Battlefield 4 not showing mantle option

I have a notebook with AMD 8750m which got supported with mantle on 14.6 beta driver, I've also tried mantle on Thief and it really helped a lot. " now to the problem "
I've installed all of BF4 updates 1-6 and the mantle update which was v104788 . and i couldn't find the API option which allows me to choose mantle, so what's the problem ?
thanks in advance.
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  1. Where did you get BF4 from?
  2. Bought it from local store.
  3. What do you meant by not showing? Is it that you can't find it in the settings or that you can't change it to anything else than DirectX?
  4. The option is not available ... it's supposed to be the first thing on video settings but there's isn't any option there to choose API .
  5. can you screen shot it to show us what you see
  6. this is from Thief showing that i have mantle.
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    Abdo Badr said:

    Try this: In origin, go to 'My games', right-click on BF4 and select 'View game details'. In the upper right corner under 'Play' is an 'edit' button. Click it and select 'Battlefield 4 x64'. Then click 'Apply'. See if this fixes the issue.
  8. Still nothing ... I'll just wait little bit till mobile cards get another mantle update.
    thanks :D.
  9. In order to get the Mantle API update for your HD 8750M, you have to have the March 31 update. It's called Update 12 and it's really a hard find since you bought it from the local store. I also did the same.
  10. Thanks Henri-San ^_^ .
  11. Abdo Badr said:
    Thanks Henri-San ^_^ .

    You're welcome
  12. So I managed to get the update somehow and there's a slight difference in performance.
    when enabling DX11 or Mantle on preset high settings i get +25 FPS but some times it drops when using DX11, I think all mantle did here was stabling FPS which is a good thing, unlike while Playing Thief my FPS while enabling DX was 6.6 (AVG) and Mantle (14.2) at very high preset settings.
    Thanks AMD :D .
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