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I'm setting up a gaming house with my friends, i have a 100 Mbit 8port switch. There are 5 PCs in total(3 of them have gigabit lan connection). If i were to get a gigabit switch(which will mean gigabit for the 3 computers and 100mbit for the other if im not wrong) will the other PCs be able to transfer at a full 100 Mbit connection or will the network traffic be jammed?
1 PC-Server-gigabit connection
2PCs transfering files with 100 Mbit(at the same time)
2 PCs transfering files with gigabit connection(at the same time with the other two)
What will be the speed that they will transfer the files? Will the Server PC be overloaded?

If you have anything else i need to give you info about, tell me.
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    The switch will not bottleneck you. The speed between each end device and the switch is fixed it does not change based on who it is talking to. All the traffic goes from the end device into a memory buffer and then is sent to the other end device. So if a device that has a gig port sends traffic to a 100 port the traffic will go into the buffer at 1g and then be transmitted out at 100m.

    As long as you get what is called a non blocking wirespeed switch which is common all ports can run at maximum speed simultaneously. So if I have a 24 gig port switch I could have 12 pair of machines sending 1g of data all at the same time. In fact you could have each pair send 1g and receive 1g at the same time. This means on a 24 port g switch you could have 48g of data in flow at the same time.....not that it is even close to possible to do that.

    The only bottleneck you need to worry about is if you exceed the port speed of the end servers. If you were to try to transfer more than 100m of data to a device with only a 100m port you would get packet loss. Generally this would only occur if say you had a bunch of machines talking to a single slower machine. In general the OS and the applications are pretty good at detecting slower connections and adjusting so there is less data loss.
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