Low-end laptop any good?

I'm not the one who's getting a laptop, I personally would prefer a PC any day over a laptop. It's my cousin, who is going to get a laptop. He wanted a suggestion for a laptop that could do mediocre gaming in a very fixed budget.

So I suggested him the Asus X550CC-XO072D, which in his limited budget seems to be the best option.

The specs of the laptop are as follows:
CPU: Intel i3-3217U
GPU: Nvidia GT720M 2GB DDR3 VRAM
Storage: 500GB 5400rpm

1. Is there any chance of this being able to play GTA V even on low settings? (I know it's not out yet but you might be able to tell from the speculated specifications)
2. Can this laptop play Far Cry 3 on low settings?
3. Any other extra information you might want to give.
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    My current PC spec is similar than the laptop your friend intends to purchase. My wake up call for a new pc was the fact that I couldn't even run Assassin's creed black flag playably at 720p!

    So no, not even close to mediocre gaming. If he must have a gaming laptop, have him find one that is at the very least based on AMD's A10 7850k. At least that one can run 1080p at medium settings.

    And 4gigs of ram, not even closely enough.
  2. Like you said, it'd be far better to get a PC.

    This is your GPU vs the minimum one for GTA 5
    I'm assuming it would struggle badly.

    For farcry 3 it looks better.
    This is how your GPU does vs the minimum requirements
    I think you will be able to run low and maybe even medium settings; would have to test.

    Unless he really needs a laptop, you should try to convince him to get a PC or to raise his budget.
  3. There's gotta be a laptop containing a kaveri out there, isn't it?
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