Can I run XFX Radeon HD 6870 graphics card with a Corsair VS450 Power supply?

I'm planning to go for a XFX HD 6870 graphics card for my desktop and I have a Corsair VS 450 power supply. Will it run smoothly in my PC or will it create problem? Shall I have to change my power supply? I know that the recommendation for HD 6870 is 500 watt. Please give me your valuable suggestions.

My system specifications:
AMD FX-6100 processor
MSI 970A - G43 Mainboard
8 GB ram (1600 MHz)
Samsung DVD multi-recorder
one extra cooler
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  1. According to Corsair, that PSU has a 34A (+12V) rail rated for 408W:
    That should be fine for the 151W HD 6870 (12.6A @ +12V). The 95W CPU will draw less than that (~8A) @ +12V. But I wouldn't do any heavy OC'ing with that 450W PSU.
  2. I think that helps. Thanks........
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    desekrator said:
    I think that helps. Thanks........

    Generally, Corsair makes high quality PSUs. That's why you buy names like Corsair, XFX, Antec, Seasonic, etc instead of no-name junk. Since your Corsair PSU is equipped with 2 PCIe 6/8 pin connectors, it is another sign that the unit was made to handle that kind of output. A cheap 450W would only have one... or none.
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