Hi I'm going to buy a new graphics card I'm running 2 displays at 1080p. Looking at Nvidia gtx 780ti.

I want to be able to run at 3840x1080p . Also interested in what overclockings and coolers you recommend
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  1. You could probably run that res with a single 780 Ti, but the question is why? If you're playing games at that res, especially FPS games, the middle of your screen will be pretty much in between your monitors, where the bezels are.
  2. Just so you know on nvidia you can not run a game on 2 screens at once so it will not be 3840x1080 you need 3 screens to run surround ( which makes all screens into one extended display) I personally have a ti and use it for surround bf4 and love it. You should also look into 2 290's for that price point as they will be around $800 have 1 gb more v ram and are more powerful than the ti and will get you more frames on multi monitor set u
  3. What dafuk is dat resolution. Unless you have chicken eye and see 2way at the same time that thing is soo wrong . My opinion. Buy a third 1080p and make a eyefinity(now youre just doing it wrong) . Then buy a r9 290x with aftermarket cooler(saphire toxic with the 3yellow vents looks great ) or a 780ti. Or wait for gtx880(ti):
    880(ti).Reasons to wait and buy it:
    -it will be on 20nm
    -it will powerfull
    -it will have humongonous improvements in the performance/watt sector(see the gtx750(ti) which still is on 28nm but has performance over r7 260x at almost half energy and doesnt needs pci-e connectors at all)
    -it will be cheaper ( it its right. Release price will be lower than the one of 780(ti))
    -as for the bus width even though its was rumored to be 512-bit it may be 256 ( from last sources).
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