I am Having issues with booting my computer after I changed some bios settings. Help?!

I have a Gigabyte h87m d3h motherboard and I recently changed some of the CPU clock settings in the bios menu. After I saved these settings and restarted the computer, it will not boot or display any type of image at all. If anyone has experienced this or can give me some advice on how to fix this issue it would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Boot into BIOS and set optimized defaults or just change the setting you changed back.
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    If you can't even boot into BIOS, then your only option is to remove the coin-type battery from the motherboard and move the CMOS jumper to discharge the CMOS (BIOS) settings. This jumper can be found in your manual (you can download a PDF manual for your motherboard if you no longer have yours). After discharging the CMOS settings, replace the battery, move the jumper back to the Normal setting, and your BIOS should be at default settings (it will have lost all the changes you made).
  3. It won't lose an upgrade to a newer version. Resetting the bios will only set the bios up to basic defaults which is what it is set at after a bios update.
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