New asus laptop won't boot at all !

Hey I just bought a new laptop asus n550j I tried turning it on for the first time but it shows nothing just a blank screen even tho the power light is on and the fan and hard drive are spinning and I can even turn on the caps lock but it shows nothing I bought it from a store out of town I don't want to go there again until I'm sure I have to :( .. Thanks in advance
And oh I wanted to try removing the battery and holding the power button but the battery is unremovable :((( I'm really getting frustrated I hope anyone can help me ASAP
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  1. Laptop batteries ARE removable, you have a included MANUAL read it on how to remove the battery.
    As to why it won't boot, did you follow the INSTRUCTIONS included on what to you first turned it on? Did you plug in the outlet power?

    Otherwise if A) your a newb with laptops forums will be too confusing and you need IN PERSON technical support (Have a tech friend / family help or....) B) head back as a unsatisfied customer and demand your money back.
  2. Thanks tom for your answer .. I didn't mean unremovable as all I meant it's just not accessible without unscrewing the back which may void my warranty the laptop is not booting the bios or anything it just gives me a blank screen even tho the laptop got power and the fan and HDD are spinning I know that May be the causes of a few stuff bad rams and such but the laptop is brand new just opened it .. It's really weird .. Again thanks for your help I appriciate it :) it still not working tho :(
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    Could be a number of reasons for blank screen, but basically shouldn't happen to a new machine. Take it back and ask for a replacement!
    (Try shining a bright light on to the screen, and if you can see anything it means the backlight failed)
  4. Thanks bro I think I'll just have to take it back then :( I appreciate your help guys CX
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