Display Not Working with new power supply and graphics card?

Recently I purchased a R7 240 Radeon Graphics Card and a Thermaltake TR2 430W power supply for my PC. Swapping out the power supply was fine, but when I plugged in the new power supply I had some problems.

*The PC turned on without the new video card just fine*

First when I plugged it in, nothing seemed to happen. Even plugging in the VGA through the integrated adapter wasn't showing a display. When I flipped the switch by the power plug on the power supply from 115 to 230 and turned the PC back on, it started to beep.

I'm not clear on if the power supply isn't giving enough power or if I haven't plugged in something correctly. Any help is appreciated.
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    I cannot imagine a R7 240 requiring a PSU upgrade, and I can only barely imagine an obsolete, inefficient, liar-labeled TR2 being an "upgrade" unless the original was a Diablotek, Logisys, or Bestec 250-12E.
    The voltage switch on the PSU needed to be in the correct position. If you've got 230V power, but had that switch in the 115V position, likely something fried when you first turned it on.
  2. The 115 & 230 regard to the input voltage from your wall socket. So you want it switched to the one that applies (or is closest) to your countries input voltage.

    Another common mistake in changing PSU is to forget to plug in the 4/8 pin CPU power cable on the motherboard near the CPU socket.
  3. I would also recommend NOT handling the video card any way but by the edges. The manufacturer is not lying when it says not to handle the card by the board. It seems trivial, but finger grease can mess up a circuit board pretty quickly.
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