Advice on first ever system build.

As per the title of the thread, this is the first time I've ever built a PC, and I want to make sure that the component list I've compiled is fine or not.

OS=Windows 7 Home Premium

I plan on implementing a 200mm. red led fan on top of the case as well as a basic Cooler Master Hypter 212 EVO Cooler on top of the processor. I'm too hesitant to try overclocking anything on this system yet, and by the time I feel comfortable enough to do so, I'll probably be wanting an upgrade anyways.

So my biggest concern, and I'm sure this is a common one, is if the PSU I picked out is a good choice in respect to the rest of the system. I'd like a little wiggle room for upgrades, should I choose to, but if I don't have it, that's okay (I probably wouldn't upgrade anything outside of RAM until I need a major overhaul, anyways).

Other than that, if there are compatibility issues between any of the components, or something else I'm just doing blatantly wrong, please let me know. I'm still learning.

Thank you for your time.
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  1. If for gaming, go for i5, i7 offers no benefit for gaming at all. Also 8GB is fine for gaming. Consider spending more on the gpu so you can play at higher settings. Also what resolution are you playing at?
    Sound card is not needed if you are not making music. The motherboard audio is fine for gaming and listening to music. Consider the FXX 550W power supply.
    Get this hard drive rather than the WD Green drive:
  2. Thanks Suztera. It will be used for gaming, but I also do a good deal worth of video processing as well with Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro, so I figured the little extra oomph in RAM would be nice.

    I'd like to play at 1080p resolution, at least. Any recommendation for GPU in that case?

    I picked that soundcard because I have an analog 7.1 surround headset and I wasn't sure if the motherboard supported that or not.

    What makes that PSU better than the one I picked?

    Also, why that particular harddrive?

    Thank you for your response!
  3. Thermaltake TR2 700W isn't too bad but there are better alternatives.
    GTX 760 or higher for gpu recommendation
    You can consider getting 16GB ram.
    Well, the motherboard does have analog 7.1 but i not sure how powerful they are. What are you trying to power with?
    The WD Green has drive has issues with being a boot drive. The Caviar Blue 1Tb should be cheaper as well.
  4. The headset I have is the analog Razer Tiamat 7.1 It's USB powered.

    Would you mind elaborating a little more about the PSU? I'm trying to learn to spot a good one when I see it.
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    Terriss99 said:
    The headset I have is the analog Razer Tiamat 7.1 It's USB powered.

    Would you mind elaborating a little more about the PSU? I'm trying to learn to spot a good one when I see it.

    Generally these brands are good: Antec, Coolermaster V series only, Corsair(AX, HX or TX series only), EVGA SuperNova G2 series, Seasonic or XFX.
    You can be sure of Seasonic since we consider them to be the best with good quality parts used. I doubt they will ever degrade their products else they will ruin their hard earned respect and trust by many.
    Look at psu reviews from actual testers not from reviews from buyers. Jonnyguru is an example who test many power supplies. Also look who built the power supplies, many brands use other company to build them and just put their brand on it. Corsair does this. Seasonic makes their own brand whilst selling to others such as XFX. You can also standby with XFX since they are all Seasonic platform based.
    Also we consider japanese cpas to be the best quality.
  6. Thanks for all of your input Suztera! I've got all I need.
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