Keyboard won't recognize after installing a ASUS Sabertooth 990FX R2.0 mobo, help!

hey everyone, my gf just put together a new pc and she got the asus mobo as i mentioned. I will post specs at the end. everything works just fine but the keyboard doesn't work when windows starts. Ive seen a lot of these kb/mouse issue posts but so far none have worked. So I was hoping you guys had insight on this.


windows 8.1 pro
amd fx 4 core 4100
asus sabertooth 990fx r2.0
12 gb of patriot g2 ram
geforce gtx 770
coolermaster 850watt psu
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  1. If it is plugged into one of the USB3.0 ports, it may not work until the Windows drivers are installed for the USB3.0. i.e. the BIOS may not recognize USB3.0. Try one of the USB2.0 ports.
  2. yes i tried that, both 2.0 and 3.0. sadly neither work. i also tried multiple keyboards, wired and wireless. I found that in the device manager that it shows the keyboard but has a problem symbol next to it. I tried uninstalling, reinstalling, disabling and updating. What it says is there are no available drivers for the keyboards (P&p) for the two that i have available. As well as not being able to obtain any possible drivers. so should i grab a usb drive and flash it? or should i move the important stuff off and refresh the pc?
  3. Have you tried a conventional KB that needs no driver? If that doesn't work, it would appear that the MB has a problem. But some sophisticated gaming KBs are problematic with some MBs at boot. Of course, the KB could be defective too. Does it function properly on another machine?
  4. It had my Corsair K70 KB in it when it all started, then switched to a non gaming KB (was still not a standard KB, it was waterproof) wired, also needed drivers, didnt work. Then she hooked up a logitec kb in and still nothing. What was strange is i looked up the model for the logitec kb and it says it doesnt need/have drivers. This whole thing is very strange to me because this mobo was purchased several months ago. and worked great. Do you think something on the motherboard got damaged?
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    It's possible something failed. But try this. Assuming you can get the PC up and running with a working KB...
    Although drivers don't come into play until the OS is loaded...
    1) Run Ccleaner and have it do the Clean and Registry portions both.
    2) Uninstall any drivers for old KBs and other devices you no longer have installed. Check Device Manager for any exclamation marks that may be present.
    3) Next, run Driver Sweeper from Safe Mode. Have it find any drivers you no longer need from old devices (like a KB). Re-boot and run CCleaner again.
    4) Finally, try booting and see if the KB is recognized with no driver. If not, reinstall the KB driver as soon as you boot back into Win8. Be sure it is a Win8 driver in case there is a change from Win7.

    The above will at least make sure everything is good in the Windows environment.
  6. Ok 2 things, Im not a newbie to PC's and building but windows 8.1 is still new to me so im not sure how to get into safe mode. 2nd, I tried all those steps (without safe mode) and still nothing. So if you could assist on safe mode, i hope that will do the trick. Also! we switched her motherboard, it isnt the motherboard (thank god, that was expensive) so it has to be something internally as you mentioned.
  7. Win8 safe mode:

    Is the problem AFTER Win8 starts or BEFORE? I was under the impression the KB didn't function at boot up before Win8.
  8. no it works at boot, it stops at the sign in screen
  9. What is the exact make/model of the KB that won't work? Have you check to see if the KB is Win8 compatible?
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