hyper 212 evo vs h80i for over clocking?

Okay so I have an Intel i5 4670k and currently just using the stock cooler and I am planning on over clocking soon so I am looking for a new cpu cooler. I do like the look of the h80i but I've read a lot of other threads which give it poor ratings. I originally was going for the h100i but I have a zalman z11 plus case so it does not fit the rad.

So my question is. Which one would be better for over clocking and keeping temps down? I personally am favouring the closed loop water cooled h80i but yeah.. open to ideas please :)
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    H80i is much better than a 212 for overclocking.

    Buy the h80i.
  2. With some warranty voiding modification to the case, The H100i could fit :)

    I do not think the H80i is bad, you may want to turn down the fan speed a bit in Corsair Link.
  3. I agree some h80i's are loud at the high end speeds.
  4. Okay thanks for the responses.
    Yeah I could modify my case and drill new holes but I don't wanna risk something going wrong in my first ever rig. :p
    Noise isn't really a concern for me so I guess the h80i it is.
  5. It's a decent overclocking choice , good luck with the OC.
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