How to switch a hdd to a SSHD in lenovo y510p

I am planning to buy a lenovo y510p but what caught my eye in the spec sheet is the 5200rpm hdd. So I just though I could switch it t an ssd but it happens to be too expensive. So then I found SSHD which I guess is a combination of both and is faster than is 5200rpm. But I couldn't find any guides or videos which would tell me if it is even doable. By the way I do need 1 tb of storage so buying a ssd with a lower storage would not work for me.
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    you can put your sshd into an external enclosure and clone your existing hdd to it.once cloning is completed you can remove the old hdd from the laptop and replace it with the sshd.some brands offer free cloning software when you buy the drive or you can use the free version of acronis or macrium reflect,also free.
    this is a free trial.
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