Do usb sound cards lower audio quality?

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  1. The USB headset would include the proper adapter. The conversion from digital-to-analog audio would occur in the headset unit so the QUALITY would depend on how well this unit was made.

    So you'd really need to read reviews for individual headsets. The quality also is affected by the drivers (i.e. "speakers") in the headphones themselves which may be more important.

    I recommend getting regular 3.5mm analog headphones and connect to the speaker unit.
  2. no, USB vs the 2.5 inch port makes no difference in sound quality. but the headset quality will matter
  3. The headset isnt usb its got normal 3.5mm one for the mic and one for the audio out althought the g430 model comes with a usb adapter
  4. in that case, you could try the front Audio Out/Mic jacks
  5. I think the USB in this case is just to power and add a volume control. Now if you wan't a true 5.1 headset It's to bad they are no longer made.
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    The quality of either 3.5 output or USB adapters can vary greatly, though generally the minimum specifications are equivalent to a CD. You should not hear a difference for most uses, and may actually increase with a high bit-rate adapter, assuming the game provides higher quality audio.
    For example:

    FYI - When you plug in a USB audio adapter, it will generally automatically override the internal adapter, so even a cheap adapter will turn off the speakers. Using both is not possible, in many cases. There are a lot of cheap adapers out there, such as

    The other option is to use an external control to switch the speaker off when you plug in the headset, or just a switch.
  7. Thanks you so much! you answered my question exactly
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