Can you program a U Verse Gateway to use both DHCP and Local Static IP Addressing

I spent hours on the phone with the "Tech Support" people from the ATT U Verse division. By the time I got off the phone I needed a lobotomy. All I was trying to find out is. I have an existing home network with around 15 devices about 7-8 are set to private static IP addressing 192.168.2.x. It is a mixed environment with switches and a couple Powerline hubs in the back rooms. First I was told I could only use 10 devices. Then I got to the next "TECH SUPERVISOR" who did not even know what I was talking about and tried to sell me Live Static IP Addresses. Then they transferred me to "2nd Level Tech Support" They wanted to charge me for presale device information. So is it possible to setup the ATT Uverse Wireless Gateway to you own network specs?
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    Yes you can put in your IP address scheme. You can change the LAN address of the router, the DHCP range, all of that. You can set your DHCP range out of the static IP range so they don't walk on each other.
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