Can someone tell me what's wrong with my computer?

I assembled my computer about a year ago and it worked wonderfully for a few months, but when I was playing Battlefield 4 (a couple months after assembly) the game flickered and now I have tiny blue dots on my screen and what looks like wood blocks falling from the sky in the game. The tiny blue dots also appear in Planetside 2 but not the falling wood thing. I've tried to get advice from people of off this description and I believe that there is a hardware problem with my gpu. Someone told me that my memory was clocked too high but I don't believe that is the case because I have never overclocked any of my hardware, can someone tell me what's wrong?
My Specs:
Intel i5 4670K
Nvidia GTX 650ti Boost
Viper Xtreme 4GB RAM (2 sticks)
MSI Z87-G41 PC Mate Motherboard
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  1. try to test the monitor on another system and if screen is good and clear i would test the gtx 650 ti since bf4 need a good gpu to play it .
  2. Ooo...Kinda sounds like your video card is getting artifacts. Artifacts are a sign of over-heating/damage to your video card. I would try scout_03's suggestion and try the card in a different system, and see if you still get the "blue dots" If so, well...hope you saved up for a new card :D
  3. Check your temps on your card at idle and more importantly under load with a monitoring program.
  4. use this on the sensor page to read the gpu temp and others
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