Desktop makes laptops lose connection?

So here is the problem, When I am using my desktop (usually playing an online game) All other wireless devices either lose all wifi, or just become so slow that they are almost unusable. I have Xfinity high speed internet. The two laptops are macbooks, and the desktop is a dell xps. Any help would be AMAZING.
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  1. How have you set up your router? What make and model? Slow routers (eg N150) do this.
  2. It is the aris tg862, and im not sure what you mean by "How have you set up your router?"
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    Its low spec = N150, non-wifi.

    Get a good router eg Netgear DGN3700 - N600, dual band wifi.
  4. Well the strange thing is when i first got the router it would not do this, but it just started having this issue recently. And is there anyway that bandwith to the other laptops is being limited when i use my desktop?
  5. That 150mbps has to be shared between everyone. It's Ok for one user, but not multiple.
  6. so it would be my router? I have run and my download is 60 mbps and an upload of 12 mbps. sorry, i am just making sure that the router is the issue before i buy a new one
  7. That's what you get for one person. If you got 4 on the network, you'd get 15mbps max each.

    Also check whether the figures are mBps or mbps. theres 8 bits to a Byte.
  8. 57.71 Mb/s is what it says exactally
  9. OK that'll be mega bits per second.

    I've got a N300 router and think it's too slow between the four of us using it here. But I've also got slower internet than you. We only get 1.3 mbps to share. So its all relative.

    But I recommend you get a better modem/router.
  10. okay thanks for your help what do you think would be a good router for my dl and ul speeds?
  11. As I said - the Netgear DGN3700. You could also look at TP-Link Archer D7 AC1750, ASUS DSL-N55U, TP-Link TD-W8980, etc etc - N600 or greater dual band.

    You also need dual band wifi cards to take advantage of the 5GHz band -if you're not connecting by cable.
  12. okay thanks for your help
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