How to Secure a Gaming PC During a Long Car Ride?

Anyone know a good way to keep my gaming PC from a possibility of breaking during a car ride? It has alot of big parts inside... Like the heatsink, and the graphics card. and I just fear they may break from sliding around in the trunk during driving.

Additional Info if needed: It is a full tower case, Cooler Master HAF 932 Advanced Blue, the heatsink is a Thermaltake NiC C5. The trip will be about 30mins-1hour drive.

P.S. Anyone know how to carry around a full tower case easily without a GearGrip harness? Also, I apologize if this thread is in the wrong section.
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    the best way to keep it safe is to surround it with soft objects, like blankets, so it wont slide around. also, have the side with the mobo on the floor of the trunk.
  2. So long as the computer is placed with the motherboard side up and kept from sliding around it should be fine. If your really worried then just remove the heatsink. Also make sure that the graphics card is screwed into place. Everything else should be fine.

    As for carrying around the case, the best you can do is to use a dolly of sorts. Prolly something like this cart
  3. bro put it in a carton with air begs or bubble packing like courier guys did and be sure don't put it with hard or sharp things. and in don't think u have to worry only for a .30-10 hours ride.
  4. Thanks guys, all your answers are great and reliable! But Danbuscus answered first, so I will give him Best Answer :D
  5. thanks :) and i said put the mobo side down, and psykhipzero said mobo side up, but heres my reasoning: if the mobo is on the bottom, the weight of the heatsink wont be pulling on it. idk if it really matters, just a thought ;)
  6. Danbuscus25 is right. What I should have said is mobo facing up.
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