Looking for a good keyboard and mouse for 200 dollars.

As stated before I am looking for a keyboard and mouse for 200 dollars. I am not willing to go any higher as that is my maximum. Also, what type of switches would you recommend for gaming?
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    Personally I like the new Razer Green switch. Feels a lot like a Cherry MX blue but clicks a bit closer to the top. Also it is much quieter. So my vote goes for the Razer Blackwidow ultimate 2014.

    As for the mouse, Either the razer naga or the Logitech g600.
  2. Thanks, was looking at the naga and probably going with the hex edition. Is there a large difference between the two? Also, what is the difference between the stealth edition and the regular edition?
  3. There is a pretty big difference between the naga and the hex. The naga has 12 side buttons versus the 6 on the hex. However the buttons on the hex have a bit more travel and a harder click, better suited for constant use. However I'd have to say i'd prefer the naga.

    The stealth edition uses a linear key which makes it virtual silent. But it gives up the tactile click that the green key does. Not really a big deal for most first person shooters as the keys are usually held down. But for RTS games and mybe even Moba games it's nice to feel when the buttons were pressed.
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