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Here is the link to the computer that I am wanting to build. I want to know if you guys think it's a good build, and that it's worth the money? I'm going to be playing games like Far Cry and Battle Field 4. The goal is to play on the best possible and stream game play as well. Here is the link to all the parts.
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  1. That seems a hell of a lot of money to throw at a gaming pc.

    Try Tom's -,3771.html

    but now, I'd change to an i7 4790k (just released) and ASRock Z97 Extreme 4.
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    As i7Baby said, that's really a lot of money to throw at a gaming pc; especially one without 2-way SLI GPUs.

    About the i7 4790K: I was waiting for it to adjust and finalize my Gaming PC build as well. I haven't seen an official statement of its release though and don't know if you can find it in stores for 1-2 weeks. I may be wrong (hopefully) and if that's the case, do not even think about upgrading to it.
  3. I'll eventually get another graphics card put in there. I'll be streaming and editing as well on the PC. It's also my blu ray player and TV.. So, it seems worth it to me. I appreciate your feed back! If you have anything else to say about the system i'd love to hear it.
  4. Its now listed in newegg - not available for another week or so though.
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