What is my best option for Operating System Distribution?

Hi all,

I am nearly finished my new gaming rig and i just wanted to get some advice on operating systems.

I have 2 SSDs that I've set aside specifically for installing OS' (2x Samsung 840 EVO 120GB)
I'm also running a 4TB WD Black for game storage and a 4TB WD Green for general storage

Now, i want to have an Operating System specifically for gaming (Only install Steam, Origin, Raptr and other game related programs) and another OS for productivity (AutoCAD, Video editing, photoshop, etc.)

My current thoughts are to just do 2 seperate Windows 8.1 installations, is this the best option?
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  1. As long as you have enough ram, I don't see why you can't have everything running off one OS
  2. i7Baby said:
    As long as you have enough ram, I don't see why you can't have everything running off one OS

    I just like having everything clean and clutter free, i just like the idea of being able to seperate productivity and pleasure easily like that as well.

    I know that i could run everything off one OS but it's more of a personal option rather than a hardware perspective. haha

    i'm more just trying to find out what people think in terms of OS' in terms of Productivity and Gaming :)
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    I think a single OS is honestly the least headache, having to get a boot-loader installed and then resting your whole machine every time you switch activities seems like a huge headache.

    My personal choice would be to set the 2 SSDa in Raid 0 (striped) for the OS and whatever games you play most, then build two partitions into the HDD for separating your gaming and work files you can even setup a mock OS like file design so you can install files into separate Prog. files (x86) folders if you want. (an external backup is a must with this method)

    Otherwise install the OS on one SSD and then use the other for installing games and the HDD for work programs and files instead of partioning and storing both on the HDD.

    I realize its not what you want but the twin partitioned HDD would be the most reasonable approximation.
  4. SSD's don't need to go into raid - no benefit.
  5. i7Baby said:
    SSD's don't need to go into raid - no benefit.

    Certainly the benefit isnt nearly as large as upgrading to a SSD from a HDD but to say that there is no gains ist the case, in fact in OS functions and on disk file transfers the scaling is quite high.:,2848-8.html

    The benefit doesnt outweigh the cost of buying a second, but he has two already.
  6. Thanks vortical and i7Baby. Your insight is most welcome :)

    I think i'll go with vortical's solution in creating a 'mock' OS, creating seperate filing systems, and raiding my SSDs, the benfits are small, but well worth it (considering i have the 2 SSDs sitting there to be used for OS' anyway xD).

    Thank you both again, i will do a full build overview when everything is done (Maybe expect a mention haha)
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