radeon hd 7750 1gb ddr5 or r7 250 1gb ddr5 with generic 450 watt psu??

I wanna buy radeon hd 7750 1gb ddr5 or r7 250 1gb ddr5 becuase they both need very less power supply...
my psu is KY-550ATX 450W
processor - i3-3210 3.2 Ghz
Ram - 4gb
Can my This PSU handle the above mentioned graphic card without problem
And also tell me that is above mentioned graphic card can be compatible With
Zebronic Zeb 450W 450 Watts PSU (500-/Rupees)
Without any problem
Thanks in Advance
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  1. both of them(250 and 7750) performs almost the same but the later might get a slight better frame rate because it got a more stable driver whereas the 250 is still new(but could gone better than 7750 when a driver optimized for it comes out). IMO choose whichever that is cheaper
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    Either of them will work with your PSU since they both don't require any additional 6Pin PCIe connector

    But you should stick with HD 7750 though since it is better performer than R7 250

    And your next upgrade should be your PSU

    They are both pretty crappy. The r7 is cheaper.

    Don't ever use a Zebronic PSU - Tier 5 -

    Get as good as you can afford.

    For a R7 250 or hd 7750 you need a 380W minimum psu.
  4. go for the hd 7750 gpu ..
    it is a little bit better than the r7 250 gpu..
    and they can be run with 300w psu of decent quality (mine is dell)...
    and don't get zebronics psu they are not good for the pc....
  5. Im using 7750 for a year now with 400 watt PSU of normal brand. It works. U arent gonna have any problem with it.
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