How to set up SSD + HDD in this config?

How to set up SSD + HDD in this config?

Hi evryone,
i dont know where to ask this so if this is not the right place please forgive me.

im getting a new 240SSD (corsair force 3) (should be here in couple of days).
curently im using WD 750 HDD. iv got it devided to 3 partitions.
C:\ _ 120GB _ Only for the use of the OS
D:\ _ 300GB _ for all my programs (security, media tolls and so), downloads, movies, some small media works.
E:\ _ 280GB _ for games and Virtual Machines.

I want to use the ssd for my OS and games, iv got only 3 games i would like to install on the ssd, BF3 & BF4 & Titanfall. right now all games weighs 112GB.
sorry, titan fall will be staying on the HDD since there isent any advantege on the ssd.

guys... im in the dark here.
iv got HDD750gb + SSD240GB
How should i Set it up?

do i install BF4 in C:\program files?
should i creat 2 partitions on the SSD? (one for the OS and one for BF games)?

in the end i want to have 4 partitions (if it is possible).
C - for OS
D - for BF games
E - for all my programs and work tools
F - for my other games (and VM's)

thank you.
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    You dont need to partion your SSD, simply clone your C:\ drive to your SSD and move your BF etc. games to their respective places in the new C:\Program files(x86)\steam or origin games folders they would normally install to and point steam /origin to them as necesary.. your C drive should already have any relavant registry keys so you shouldn't see any errors. delete your old C:\ partiton and expand the others for more space or keep it as a spot to backup your OS in case the SSD fails, whichever you think would be more useful to you.
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