How to increase fan speed above maximum?

My FX-8350 heating up to 61.9 C and 63 C (socket temp) in 15 mins LinX test @ stock clock with Arctic Freezer A30, while ambient temps isn't too high (24C), so no room for overclocking. I can't even imagine what temperatures would be in hot days, when ambient temperature may raise to 30-32C. The fan is rotating at 1350 RPM max, is it any way to make it faster? I know you can raise voltage, and 13-14 V are pretty OK and won't hurt fan's engine too much, but do any another way of doing this exists? Or I will have to buy better fan to OC my CPU? And is my cooler's heatsink is good enough, and it's stock fan is just bottlenecking it's power?
PS: My case is open, because the CPU cooler could't fit there, and it has a 2700 RPM Fan (on the back side) and 1900 RPM Fan (on the front side, but it more like HDD cooler)
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    Your cooler is adequate so if your getting temps like this your first step is to either spay air in and clean your heat sink out or reapply thermal paste because something isn't quite right.

    You should be getting around low 50's under load, so redo your heatsink and clean up some. If none of that works get new fans focusing on static pressure values more than airflow #'s. Overvolting you fans should be your LAST option.
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