Plz tell me which gpu should i buy....

Gtx 660
Gtx 750ti
Gtx 760
Radeon r9 270x
Radeon hd 7850
Radeon hd 7870
Gtx 650ti boost

If u know any gpu better than these so plz tell me my buget for gpu is 20000 NIR... ...

Plz tell me which gpu is best in price/performance ratio...

And i m also planning to buy a cpu also..... Plz tell me also the cpu(Ati or Intel) which ensemble with the gpu u suggest and work excellent...... My budget for cpu is 8000 NIR......
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  1. Flipkart?

    The GTX760 is the best of those, then the R9270x, HD7870, GTX660, HD7850, GTX750ti,gtx650ti boost

    - choose yourself.
  2. Any i3 or FX8320 will work OK with all of those.

    Look on FlipKart for prices.
  3. The 760 is the overall best performer with about only a 10% increase in perforance ax over the 270x followed by about the 270x having a 15% increase over the 7870 and the 7870 having about a 10% to 15% increase over the 7850.

    Price to performance speaking tho there pretty tied up I would just go with either the 760 or the 270x and decide whether you want that extra 10% performance for extra money or save your self abit money go with the 270x and probably be none the wiser in the performance lose anyway up to you really just enjoy the card either way :D.

    As for cpu if u want to save ur self so money go with a cheap quad core amd but if u want true performance and can afford it get a i5 3570k or 4670k or standard 3570 if you dont want to overclock
  4. If i buy fx 6300...... It can run perfect with gtx 760 ???
  5. No. You need to be able to overclock the fx6300. To do that you need a good custom cooler.
  6. What about i3???
  7. Best answer
    Should be OK if you buy a good one eg i3 3570 or i3 4360
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