windows 7 have 8gb ram, shows 6gb

does anyone have an answer for me?
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  1. Do you have a onboard video card that is not disabled?
    Check your bios settings, reseting bios may also help.
    Check for bios update.
  2. thanks for the quick answer.
    have an external gtx 550 ti video card as you can see.. this is a desktop btw.
    bios is updated and reseted 10 times for my new ssd.. ram didnt change.. even after formatting.
  3. no one to answer? still waiting for a solution.. is the graphics card taking the rest?
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    Looks like it's allocated to the 550TI, in your DX diag pane it shows the 550TI has 3776 MB and most all 550TIs are 1 GB cards
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