ASrock Z87 Extreme 4 - Memory issue

Hi guys,

i just got a new z87 Extreme4 Mainboard and bought Corsair XMS3 16Gb(4x4GB) RAM.
When i connect it to:



i get following error:
The following Channel memory did not pass CPU memory test.
Please remove the memory then plug again.
Channel A

Does this mean the Mainboard is damaged, or the CPU ?

greetings ! :(
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  1. Did you check if the exact model of that RAM was listed in the Memory Support List with ASRock??
  2. no its not on the list.. but, does that mean that it only supports 8 instead of 16GB of RAM ?
    and why only on the B slots ?

    i can pick any of these 4 and put them into slot B and they work, non of them work in A !

    if i only choose 1 of the 4, i put them into slot
    a1 -> not working
    a2 -> not working
    b1 -> working
    b2 -> working

    edit: here i saw that my RAM is compatible with the mainboard:
  3. do someone know if the mainboard is damaged or the cpu guys? or maybe, nothing and the ram is rly not compatible ?
  4. Could be a few things, the CPU cooler may be out of balance (too tight in a corner or on one side, can loosen it up and snug it back down, then try a stick in slot 1 closest to CPU or slot 2), if no joy there may be the CPU (doubtful), or the mobo, in particular bent pins in the socket
  5. Best answer
    I don't see your model RAM - cmx16gx3m4a1333c9 on the compatibility list.

    Secondly the Documentation states for Double Sided RAMs
    Use A2 and B2....

    Even on the PC part picker site when you choose your mobo and then go to the compatible RAM modules it will not show your model, it lists


    Basically the RAM is going to go onto the board and so you need to check if the board will support the RAM. That's the logic behind it.
    You will most probably be able to get the compatible RAMs working in all four slots if they're listed in the Memory Compatibility List.
    Now for options that you are left with, either send those RAMs back and request them to exchange them , if they do that. with 2 Sets of the 8GB set of Compatible RAMs... ie 2 x (2 x4) ie 2 sets of 2 sticks of 4GB RAMS.
  6. THX a lot, but the memory u posted is not on the list of compatible asrock extreme4 memorys

    when i for example search for this:

    DR3 1600 8GB Corsair CMD32GX3M4A1600C10 DS v v
    i only get 32GB rams - > searching at

    ah and i double checked on
    there my memory, the corsair DDR3-1600 240-pin DIMM 9 4x4GB 16GB is listed

    the thing is i got the RAM from a friend of mine and i am afraid if another RAM would do better. i cant give the RAM back, it was a present.
  7. You happen to be right cos they just removed all the Corsair RAM from the 1333MHz Memory Compatibility List.
    But that RAM was mentioned in the list when I answered the question..... can't help site updates can we...
    The only option now left is to trade the RAMs for something else that is compatible with the board.
  8. no i dont wanted to offend you ofc.
    i appreciate the help a lot.

    ok lets see what we get. i find it strange that on the asrock webpage the rams seem to be misleading.
    lets take these 2:
    DDR3 1600 8GB Corsair CMD32GX3M4A1600C9
    DDR3 1600 8GB Corsair CMD32GX3M4A1600C10

    CMD32GX3M4A1600C9 ->

    that is a 32GB kit not a 8GB :(

    thats confusing.

    i want a 8GB-1600 RAM stick that works fine with the z87 extreme4 with i5-4670k
    its not that easy for me

    is the pcpicker site even right ? because when, then the ram i actually have is supported.. check it:
    corsair DDR3-1600 240-pin DIMM 9 4x4GB 16GB

    if its soo, that means something is damaged and i dont have to spent more money for the ram, right ?

    if its not correct what pcpartpicker tells us, help me finding the right ram pls :)
  9. it's a 32GB set of 8GB sticks....
    And again you're checking with PCpartpicker if the board supports the sticks..... that itself is wrong.
    The maker is responsible for compatibility, not the retailer.
    What is your budget, and what is the amount of RAM that you're looking for.....
  10. ok got it.
    would you be so kind and sent me a working DDR3-1600 8GB kit - i head corsair, or gskill would be fine - that is compatible with i5-4670k and asrock z87extrem4?
    when i search on the asus page i just get 32gb one :p

    thanks a lot - > i buy my stuff on mindfactory or alternate. a link there from there would be AWESOME
  11. What's with the Asus page??? And what for.... stick to the ASRock pages....
  12. would u recommend them ? :) i think im just gonna buy them
  13. Yup any one of them is fine.
  14. i just got them, ordered via courier. its not working :(
    same shit as with the other ram

    seems like i have to sent it back, so sad
  15. Either of the sets should work fine, as I mentioned before sounds like a mobo/CPU problem, have you checked as I suggested earlier? Checking the QVL list for DRAM is pretty much worthless in the first place
  16. what i can try is to put the boxed fan on. i got one from mugen and it was realy nooot easy to put it on the board . i had to do it while the board was still unattached to the chasis
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