How do I connect my TV through video & audio ports to my Laptop through HDMI or USB Ports?

I have a HP Pavilion laptop, which has HDMI and USB ports. My TV is a about 5-7 years old, Toshiba, it has video-s, video and audio ports at the front and a scart outlet at the back...however I don't know how to connect them! I have looked through a ton of wires that I have to see if I could match some together but none fit, so before going and buying new ones I need to know what will work!

For example, can I get a wire that has HDMI on one end and a scart or video and audio plugs on the other. I haven't found any like that but if anyone knows it would be very helpful!
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  1. scart and A/V or component(the other one you mentioned) inputs are analog, which are difficult to convert to from digital sources like hdmi without expensive conversion devices like this:

    i recommend finding another method
  2. u need a converter- hdmi to AV converter. u can find it on ebay.
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