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I'm thinking about upgrading my CPU to I7 4790k with an asus z97 gene, 16gb of memory, and gtx 780ti mostly for gaming and streaming right now i have an I5 4670k on a asus z87 gene, 8gb memory, with an evga 770 2gb
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    Dont the i5 is probably the best cpu for gaming out at the moment there is no need to upgrade I would only recommend upgrading if you were doing somthing other than gaming you can research this else were and you will get the same answer for a long time that cpu will not bottleneck any cards right now one option you do have tho is to invest in a good cooler study up on some simple and safe overclocking maybe get ya clocks up to 4.2ghz but I certainly wouldn't recommend wasting you money if ur talking about upgrading for gaming reasons hope that helps :)
  2. I wouldn't. But if you want to game across 3 monitors then yeah. However, you would need more than a 780ti to pull good fps on High/Ultra settings.
  3. Just so you know it's i7 4790 without the K, so you can't overclock it.
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