Help with a $850 gaming computer build.

I have been trying to build a gaming PC for $850 or less. I started to find the pieces at but it came up with $950.
Here is the link for the PC:
Can anyone help me decide what to cut back on to stay in my budget but still have a good PC that will play games on high settings.
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    you can scrap the zalman cooler, it's not any better than hte OEM unit.

    I'm not sure pairing an Athlon II with a 280x is a good idea... you'll be severely bottlenecked.

    I'd move down to a 270x and that should match better and also get your budget where it needs to be

    There's also no reason for 16gb of ram.
    you'd never be able to use more than 8gb with that CPU, it'd become un-usably slow before being able to use over 8gb
  2. You only need 8gb of ram for gaming
  3. Suggesting an OS piracy is a violation of Toms TOS
  4. Wisecracker said:

    Suggesting an OS piracy is a violation of Toms TOS

    woops, fixing that
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