my desktop keeps shutting down due to a Cpu thermal event(overheatin), I recently purchased a modem/router for my wireless con

my desktop shuts down ,then I have to restart it when the screen goes off it say the monitor is going to sleep then when I awake it I have to restart it. I am being told that it is because all my drivers are not loaded properly. Is this the problem and if so I need a copy of the Drivers and software for a e-machine W3623 and Thanks everyone
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  1. Have you tried using CPU-Z or anything to check the processor temps? Did you bump the heatsink by chance?

    Did you load the drivers from the disc included with the wireless card?

    Or am I mis-reading you and you never put anything into your computer?
  2. I have not tried using CPU-Z. I did not try and load all the drivers included with the wireless card because I cannot find a vista cd. I have lost mine. Could you please tell me where I can find this disc. I had went to best buy and spent $80 on a upgrade they told me that was all I needed but I guess they were wrong. I did do the upgrade but it did not solve my problems. The only thing it did was let me run windows 7 now along with my problems.
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