new build locking up completely at random

The problem is a total lockup. The sound makes a rapid electronic stuttering noise (if there is sound at the moment of the freeze) then the noise stops. The screen stays stuck on (no black or blue screen - just whatever was being displayed). No mouse response. No keyboard response. Only option is to cut power, hard reset, or hold down power button.

Windows 7 sp1
AMD FX-6300 Vishera 3.5Ghz
GSKILL 2x4gb 1600 RAM
ASUS PCE-N10 wireless adapter
Kingston SSDNOW v300 240gb drive
LG blu ray reader dvd r/w
corsair 750W PSU

... is what the computer consists of.

I really need some help fixing this one. Nothing I do helps. The bios is the latest version. The gtx 660 is on the latest driver. I ran memtest86 overnight. It found no errors.

I disabled the wireless card just in case it was giving problems, but haven't had the time to see if the lockups still happen. At first I thought it was WoW cause that is when the lockups were occurring. But then it locked up when I was in the middle of a large download. The only other things I can think of are to update the ssd firmware and chipset drivers. I can handle the ssd firmware. I can't even tell if the chipset drivers are out of date.

Overheating is not a problem. All my temps are staying below 52C under load from WoW (only game i have played on it so far) and the pc locked up outside of gaming also as stated before (temps were less than 40C)

Please help. Any suggestions would be helpful. But I don't have any spare hardware to swap out for testing.
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  1. One thing that is really frustrating about it is that every time I make a change, it is difficult to tell if it did the trick. The lockups are random (no clear cause) and they are infrequent enough that it may seem everything is going smooth - no problems for a few hours - then bam, another lockup.

    Just some additional info: I didn't do any sort of bios changes or overclocking. I just left it all at default. At one point it appeared a lockup occurred in the middle of a windows update. I walked away while it was updating and came back to a light blue screen blank and blue. I waited a while but nothing was happening. I had to shut it off. Then, when I started back up, the update failed to configure so it said it was reverting back. After that, some additional windows updates were giving me an error Code 800B0100. They failed to install multiple times but I looked up some stuff on google and finally got them to install.

    After the lockup while downloading far cry 3, I booted up the pc and resumed downloading. The install failed after that (i think it said something about a crc error and said the software had a problem and I should contact my software provider - which was Uplay the client i downloaded thru). I looked up that error and some people seemed to think it could indicate a ram problem which is why I tested the ram. But again, no error from memtest86.
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    OK, it is fixed. The wireless card was causing the problem. Disabled. No freezes. Enabled again, freezes. Using a usb wifi adapter, works fine.
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