wifi connected but very slow access in windows 7

i have wifi threw my neighbor about 15 feet away from my laptop sometimes it works ok and sometimes it runs very slow i also use my gameing system wii to use netflix as well and my neighbor has a laptop he runs all of this on the same router so questions (1) is this the reason my internet is slow and(2) is there a downloadable software or program that will boost my wifi on my laptop.
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  1. The fact that it's all going through the same router is irrelevant. What is relevant is how much bandwidth your neighbour has from his service provider, and you haven't mentioned that.

    Without knowing that it's impossible to give you any meaningful information.

    There is no magic software that will increase your internet speed, it starts with your service provider and how much bandwidth they give you. It would probably be a good start to sign up to your own internet line instead of relying on your neighbour.
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